Watch This Video Before You Go on a Track Day

Driver’s Education (DE) events allow us to learn more about our Porsches, to learn more about ourselves and, above all, to have fun. You’ll learn the rudiments of performance driving in a safe, controlled, and non- competitive environment and be able to use the experience to improve your safety and driving ability on the street. In fact DE events are one of those rare enjoyable things in life that aren’t illegal, immoral or fattening. You’ll learn, at first, that the limits to how you drive are your’s and not your Porsche’s. You’ll find you have to push yourself harder to approach the limits of the handling of the car and, with your instructor beside you, you will learn to recognize these limits and to control the car as it approaches them at relatively low speed. Many of the lessons learned from a DE experience can be carried over to street driving and you should end each day with an increased confidence level in your own and the car’s abilities.

The events are organized with safety as the paramount consideration and with the aim of providing enjoyment for all. Driver’s Education events are NOT races. By requiring a signal from the driver in front to permit a pass - and taking cars off the track if they fail to obey the rules - the competitive element is eliminated. Your ego and pride should not be dented if another car passes you. On the contrary, you should help the other driver get around you while you concentrate on driving your car totally accurately. Remember: the only prize you can win is to get to drive your car home in the same state in which it arrived.

There are lot of things to keep in mind in preparation for a DE event at the track. In the video below from Larry Kosilla, he talks about what to expect, track etiquette and other topics.

Additionally, Larry makes a checklist of things to bring to the track for a typical DE event . This video is a great resource if you're thinking about attending a PCA DE event.








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