Here’s Why The LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 is Actually So Impressive

Lego is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and successful toys of all time, and it seems like an almost daily occurrence that one Lego builder or another makes your jaw literally hit the floor with their impressive creations—but sometimes, they come from the company itself.

A letter to America: Thanks for saving the manual sports car

U.S. manual fans helped convince Porsche to stick with the stick. contributor Dan Trent lives in that far-off island across the pond where Jaguars rove the land. In this column, he reconsiders his opinions about the American relationship to manual transmissions. In my snooty European way, I used to assume American drivers couldn't cope with anything more sophisticated than a three-speed slushbox, while we more sophisticated types on the Continent were the true masters of heel-toe heroism and other traditional driving skills.

FSR Spring 2018 Drivers Ed At VIR

Please join us for our Spring 2018 Drivers Education (DE) at VIR in Alton, VA. We will be running the Full Course all three days. This event is open to any driver 18 and over with a valid US-issued driver's license and with any make/model of car. Please bring your driver's license with you to registration. An instructor will be assigned to Green and Blue Group drivers and there will be daily classroom sessions for the Green, Blue and White run groups. If you are signing up as an Intermediate Solo or Advanced driver, you will be asked for references if you have not run with FSR before.








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