My Special PEC Delivery

by Melinda Cagle

Every Porsche owner has a story where he or she saw a particular car and fell in love. For many of us, the longing lasts for years. My story began over thirty years ago. I walked by a little Targa every day on my way to class. I vowed that someday this engineering student would own one.
Last summer, I decided 2017 was finally the time to buy my first 911. My daughter is now grown and out of college. I’m celebrating 30 years with NASA. This car would be special so I wanted my delivery to be special, too.
Anyone who has spent time on the Porsche Configurator knows the options list is one of the natural wonders of the marketing world. There are not many free options; however, the free Porsche Experience Center (PEC) Delivery in Atlanta is the best bargain. Unlike European Delivery, this option costs the dealer nothing. Also, unlike other marques, Porsche doesn’t offer the customer any savings for hopping the pond.

I secured a 911 Carrera production slot from Richmond dealer Euroclassics Porsche in September and had 2 weeks to lock in the spec of the car and place the order with the help of my salesman John Philipp. Shortly thereafter, Katheryn Aquino at PEC Delivery reached out to me. She patiently answered all of my questions and provided information on my 911 production, the vessel for my 911’s journey to the Port of Jacksonville, and the delivery date. PEC only offers two deliveries per day Tuesday - Friday. I selected the morning slot. One month prior to my delivery, I received a leather embossed binder filled with lots of goodies including my delivery schedule, original window sticker, and lanyards with personalized nametags for Sammie, Bret, and me. At this point, I was feeling really special and started counting down the days to getting the keys to my new car.

Shortly after arrival at Porsche Cars North America headquarters on One Porsche Drive in Atlanta, we were greeted by our New Vehicle Delivery Specialist, Fred Huff. Fred served as our tour guide, 911 features expert, and driving instructor. The Delivery Experience consists of a tour of the PEC followed by delivery, track time in a comparable Porsche, and lunch at Restaurant 356. Our lanyards unlocked so much more. From the entrance gate guard to the technicians in the Classis Restoration Shop, we were treated like rock stars because we were picking up a new car!
The entire delivery program including lunch was supposed to run 9:00-1:30, but we started earlier and ran later. Fred took us through the entire building including the Porsche Heritage Collection of classic cars featuring some on loan from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, and the Porsche Classic workshop where customers can have their older cars restored by certified classic technicians. The tour ended on the lower level of the building by a non-descript door marked in small letters “New Vehicle Deliveries”. Fred slid a plate on the door revealing “Delivery in Progress” and we walked into the Delivery Center and immediately saw the recognizable silhouette of a 911 draped in a black cover. The Delivery Center Manager Ray Shaffer introduced himself, took up a position at the back of the car, and then proceeded to pull back the cover giving me my first look at my beautiful Miami Blue 911! After going over the features of the car in the delivery showroom, it was off to the track in a PEC 911 for 90 minutes of driving, car control exercises, and real world demonstrations of the performance features included in modern Porsches.

I was particularly struck by the attention to detail – coffee upon arrival, fresh fruit in the delivery lounge, Porsche keychains on the fobs, personalized announcements of congratulations, a book on the heritage museum, a photographer to document the day’s events, and much more. My 911 wears badges of this exclusive program. They even provided bottled water in the cup holders for the drive home. My favorite moments included signing the board as delivery #181, receiving a thumb drive with pictures from my special day, and sampling Launch Control on track.
The highly professional staff made us feel special during our entire visit. In talking to Fred and other employees about how they got their jobs the common theme was that the opportunity found them. Everyone conveyed how truly blessed they feel to show up to One Porsche Drive every day. Their passion shines in the way that they treat their guests.

I’ll share some final thoughts and some lessons learned. Even though the official delivery program is a half day, plan a morning delivery and make a full day of it. Bret bought a driving package so he was on track during my track session. Sammie split my track session. Bret’s instructor focused more on driving and performance while mine focused on learning the car. If you plan to drive aggressively, selecting a morning delivery insures your delicious lunch isn’t lost on the track. We wanted to do the simulators after lunch but didn’t book early enough. A large corporate group took the afternoon slots for all six simulators just two weeks prior to our visit. While PEC Delivery is a “Rube Goldberg” approach to picking up a car requiring more planning and effort than a simple trip to the local dealer, it was more fun than any of us could have imagined. It’s clearly the best bargain on the Porsche Configurator.







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