Dominion Raceway Road Course Course Walk

On January 2nd 2016, Edwin Pardue, General Manager of Dominion Raceway attended the PCA FSR Northern area monthly breakfast. Edwin spoke about the current state of construction, tentative scheduled dates for milestones and when motorsport enthusiasts will have access to the facility as spectators and participants. After the breakfast, we were invited to head down to the complex, located just 15 minutes south of Fredericksburg at the Thornburg Exit.

The road course experienced a little bit of rain construction wash out in some key areas of the track that precluded any driving on track, but we were invited to walk the course, and walk we did. Below are pictures I took with my smartphone. I want to caution anyone looking at these images and drawing concern over safety. There is still a lot of work to be done, including catch fences, Armco, curbing, and berms. Tire bundles will also be placed in key impact areas. So please enjoy the images, but please don’t draw conclusions until we see the final product. Edwin assured all present that his staff is working closely with NASA and SCCA, as well as consulting motorsport safety experts on their plans to finalize all placement of safety/retention systems on the course.

Update: On March 13th, Marco Estrada (DE Chair), Tim Ashbridge (CTI) and myself visited the Dominion Raceway to get a feeling for the construction progress. It appears that our April 30th/May1st event is on schedule.

Scott Hoffman
DE Registrar







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